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Grade 12 computer MCQ SET 2 2080


Multiple Choice Questions 

Tick the best alternatives:

1.     All the candidate remaining candidate key which are not selected as a primary key are called ……………

        a) Foreign Key                              

        b) Compound Key

        c) Alternate Key            

        d) Composite Key

2.     Which of the following statements is true about the star topology?

        a)   Each device is connected to a switch or hub

        b)  Each device is connected to each other.

        c)   Each device is connected to a terminal

        d)  Each device is connected to trunk.

3.     Which query is used to delete a table.

        a)   DROP TABLE

        b)  DELETE TABLE

        c)   REMOVE TABLE

        d)  RD TABLE

4.     The …………. Layer establishes and terminates a connection between two physically connected nodes on network.

        a) transport                             

        b) session

        c) data link                               

        d) physical

5.     Which of the following method sends input to a script via a URL?

        a) Get                                          

        b) Post

        c) onfocus                                    

        d) RMI

6.     The process of creating multiple classes from an existing class is called ……….. inheritance.

      a) single                                              

      b) multiple

      c) hierarchical                                     

      d) multilevel

7.  The data flow diagram (DFD) shows;

        a) the flow of data

        b) the processes

        c) the areas where they are stored

        d) All of the above

 8.   The primary objectives of system designs is:

        adesign the programs, databases and test plans

        b) design only the user interface

        c) implement the system

        d) find out how the system will perform

9.   Which of the following is the component of AI?

        a) Learning       

        b) Training      

        c) Designing   

        d) Puzzling

10. What would be the output of following C code?

#include <stdio.h>

int f(int x)


return x;


int main ()




printf("%d", f(9));

return 0;



    a) 789                    

    b) 9               

    c) 0                

    d) 8


In the given C code, the function f simply returns the value it receives as input. In the main function, the function f is called three times with arguments 7, 8, and 9 respectively. However, the return values of these function calls are not being printed or stored anywhere.

 When the function f is called with the argument 9 (f(9)), it returns 9. Then, this returned value is printed using the printf statement. So, the output of the program is "9".


10.     ___________ is not the data type of MS Access.

a) Number                                   

b) Text

c) Memo                                       

d) Form

11.     _______ refers to the sending, receiving and processing of information.

a) Computer                                  

b) Communication

c) Software                                

d) Program

12.     Which one is not a network topology?

a) Star                                          

b) Ring

c) Client/Server                            

d) Bus

13.     Which one is a bounded media?

a) Fiber optic                                

b) Microwave

c) Laser Transmission                  

d) Infrared transmission

14.     ____ is a reserved word that has standard and predefined meaning in C.

a) Variable                                                

b) Identifier

c) Keyword                                               

d) None of the above

15.     Collection of different data types in C

a) Array                                        

b) Structure

c) Both (a) and (b)                         

d) None of them

16.     OOP stands for ___________

a) Operator Overloading Program            

b) Object Overloading Program

c) Optimum Oriented Program     

d) Object Oriented Programming

17.     SDLC stands for __________

a) Scheme Development Life       

b) Software Development Life Cycle

c) System Design Life Cycle                    

d) All

18.     Which of the following symbol represents the processing task?

a) Oval                                          

b) Parallelogram

c) Diamond                                   

d) Rectangle

19.  In which normal form of database, atomicity is introduced?

A) First         

B) Second     

C) Third                   

D) Fourth

20.  Which of the following techniques is not implemented to protect a database?

A) Rollback    

B) Backup                

C) Recovery             

D) Firewall

21.  Which one of the following SQL commands is executed to display all the records having a second letter in the LNAME (LAST NAME) as “A” from the customer table?




22.  Which of the following is an incorrect IP address?


B) 192.168.1 



23.  Which of the following is a server-side scripting language?

A) JavaScript           

B) MySql       

C) PHP          

D) Jquery

24.  Which of the following keywords are used to declare a variable in JavaScript?

A) int or var

B) float or let

C) var or let

D) char or var

25.  Which of the following commands is executed in PHP to concatenate the variables $x with $y?

A) $x + $y

B) $x=$y

C) concat ($x,$y)

D) $x.$y

26.  Which statement is incorrect about the object-oriented approach?

A) Emphasis is on data rather than procedure.

B) Data is hidden and cannot be accessed.

C) Objects communicate through functions.

D) It supports abstract data but not the class.

27    Which of the following feasibility study is concerned with cost benefit analysis?

A) Technical feasibility

B) Economic feasibility

C) Operational feasibility

D) Schedule feasibility

28.  With SQL, how do you select all the records from a table named “Persons” where the value of the column “FirstName” ends with an “a”

a) SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE FirstName=’a

b) SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE FirstName LIKE ‘a%’

c) SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE FirstName LIKE ‘%a’

d) SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE FirstName=’%a%’.








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