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TSC Sample questions ICT SET 1

TSC Sample questions ICT

1.       What are portrait and landscape?      a.        Paper size                b. page layout           c. page orientation        d. All of the above

2.       Which font style is not included among the following?

a.        Superscript                     b. Bold

c. Italics                                   d. Regular

3.        The thesaurus tools in MS word are used in ……… work

a.        Spelling suggestion                              b. Grammar Option

c. Synonyms and antonyms words          d) Replace the word

4.       Ctrl + J is used to do the job.

a.       Search                                                        b. Align justify

c. print                                                          d. insert hyperlink

5.       Which of the following linespacing is not valid?

a.        Triple                           b. Multiple                            c. single                  d. Double

6.        Which of the following is not a type of page margin?

a.        right                             b. left                     c. top                      d. center

7.        What is the size of A4 paper size?
a.        8.17"×11.69"                              b. 8.27"×11.96" 
c. 8.27"×11.69"                                  d. 8.5"×11.69"
8.       NOT, OR, AND ………. are |
a.        Logical operators                                       b. arithmetic operators 
c. binary operators d.relational
9.       Which key is used to display the current date and time in MS-Excel?
a.        =date()                          b. =now()                             c. =today()              d. =time()
10.   How is data organized in Spreadsheet?
a.        Line and spaces                          b. layers and plane                
c. height and width                            d. rows and columns
11.   Readymade styles prepared for presentation in PowerPoint are called
a.        Autostyle                                     b. Template 
c. wizard                                             d. Preformatting
12.   What does firmware consist of?
a.        SRAM                                                        b. DRAM
c. ROM                                                             d. Cache
13.    What is CTRL + SHIFT + D used for?
a.        Dotted Underlined                                     b. Wave Underlined
c. Double Underlined                                        d. Dash Underlined
14.   What is the purpose of Auto correct option?
a.        Short repetitive                                          b. Grammatically Incorrect
c. Misspelled                                                    d. None
15.   What is the smallest and largest (font size) in Toolbar?
a.        8 and 72                                                     b. 8 and 64                            
c. 12 and 72                                                       d. 10 and 72
16.   The workbook is a collection of .........?
a.        Cells                                                           b. worksheet
c. workspaces                                                   d. projects



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