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Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Role of AI

We are on the cusp of a new era in which AI plays a much larger role in our daily lives. In the future, AI will help us manage our homes, our health, our finances, and our work. It will make us better informed and more productive. There will be new difficulties to overcome as we try to understand what it means to live in a world where machines can reason and learn independently. In the coming years, AI will transform the way we live and work.


Here are five ways it will shape the future:

 1. AI will make us more productive. There is a lot of wasted time today that could be eliminated with the help of AI.

For example, we spend hours each week sorting through emails, scheduling appointments, and filling out forms. Artificial intelligence (AI) will soon be able to handle many of these mundane tasks, allowing us to devote our time and energy to more pressing matters.
Second, AI will aid us in making wiser choices. AI will give us access to vast amounts of data and information that we can use to make better decisions. For example, AI can help us plan our route to work, choose the best time to travel, and find the most efficient way to use our resources.
 Third, AI will improve human health. AI will play a key role in improving our health and wellbeing. As an example, AI-enabled chatbots can give us tailored health advice, and AI-enabled medical devices can help us keep tabs on our wellbeing and spot potential health issues before they become serious.
In conclusion, AI will improve security for all. Preventing mishaps and staying out of harm's way will be much easier with the aid of AI. For instance, AI-enabled security systems will be able to keep us safe from criminals and terrorists, and self-driving cars will be able to navigate our roads more safely than human drivers.
AI will make us more equitable and just. AI will help us address some of the world’s most pressing problems, such as poverty, hunger, and disease. There are many ways in which artificial intelligence can be use, including the pinpointing of areas in need, the creation of new tools, and the equitable distribution of existing ones. The future will be shaped by AI in many other ways, some of which we have yet to even begin to comprehend. But one thing is certain: the future is going to be fascinating.


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Khem Raj Poudel
Khem Raj Poudel