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Model Question Grade 12 Computer 2079


Grade 12 Model Questions

Class: 12                                                                        FM: 50

Subject: Computer Science                                           Time: 2 hrs.

Group A

 Multiple Choice Questions (9 × 1 = 9)
Tick the best alternative.

1.     Which forms are based on the concept of functional dependency?

    a) 1 NF                                     b) 2 NF

    c) 3 NF                                     d) 4 NF

2.     Which of the statements are used in DDL?

    a) Create, Alter and Drop b) Create, insert and Select

    c) Insert, Update and Delete       d) Delete alter and drop

3.     The …………. layer is responsible for the source-to-destination delivery of a packet across multiple network links.

    a) transport                      b) session

    c) data link                       d) physical

4.     What will be the output of php code


$num = 1;

$num1 = 2;

print $num."+".$num1;


    a) 3                                   b) 1+2

    c) 1.+.2                                     d) Error

5.     Which one of the following statements is used to create a table?

a)     CREATE TABLE table_name (column_name column_type);

b)    CREATE  table_name (column_type column_name);

c)     CREATE  table_name (column_name column_type);

d)    CREATE TABLE table_name (column_type column_name);

6.     The content of the file will be lost if it is opened in …….

    a) a mode                         b) w mode

    c) r mode                         d) a+ mode

7.  Which among the following best describes abstraction?

    a) hiding the implementation

    b) showing the important data

    c) hiding the important data

    d) hiding the implementation and showing only the features

8.  Systems are modified whenever

    a) user's requirement changes

    b) new computers are introduced in the market

    c) new software tools become available in the market

    d) other similar organization modify these systems.

9.  Why is cloud computing popular now a days?

    a) Cost sharing and easily accessible

    b) As modern technology and costly

    c) Accessible and freely available

    d) Affordable to all

Group 'B'

Give short answers to the following questions.

(5 × 5=25)

10. What is computer network? Distinguish between Star topology and ring topology with help of clean diagram.

11. Explain recursive function with an example.

12. What do you understand by polymorphism and Encapsulation? Explain in details.

13. Explain the Agile development model in details.


Why documentation is essential in developing in system. Explain its types in details

14. Explain e-Commerce and m-Commerce.

Group 'C'
Give a long answer to the following question (2×8=16)

15. Write a C program using structure to input roll no, name and percentage of several students and arrange them in descending order by percentage.


Write a c program that reads different names and address into the computer and rearranges the names into alphabetical order using structure variables

16. What is a database. Explain different models used in database.

Best of luck


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