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Class 9 - MCQ Questions computer

 MCQ Questions

1.      What is the act of entering raw data to the computer?
i. Process ii. Output iii. Storage iv. Input

2.      A computer that is used to process continuous data.
i. Analog computer ii. Digital computer iii. Super computer iv. Hybrid computer

3.      c. Which of the following is input unit?
i. OCR ii. MICR iii. OMR iv. All of them

4.      Which of the following is the largest memory measurement unit?
i. Bits ii. Bytes iii. Kilobytes iv. Nibble

5.      Which of the following is an operating system?
i. Android ii. iOS iii. Windows iv. All of them

6.      Which of the following is a search engine?
i. Google ii. Internet explorer iii. Opera iv. None of them

7.      A software program that helps to present and explore content on the World Wide
i. Browser ii. Web site iii. Search engine iv. Home page

8.      Which of the following is used in enclosed HTML tags?
i. < and > ii. ^ and ^ iii. % and % iv. None of them

9.      Which of the following is the element of list element?
i. Unordered List ii. Ordered List iii. Definition list iv. All of them

10.  CSS stands for………

i. Cascading Standard Section ii. Cascading Style Software iii. Cascading Style Sheets iv. Cascading Standard Sheets

11.  Which of the following is the first phase of program development cycle?

i. Testing & debugging ii. Maintenance iii. Analyzing the problem iv. Coding and documentation

12.  Which of the following language is difficult to understand by the user?
i. High level language ii. Fourth generation language iii. Machine language            iv. Allof them

13.  With the help of the flowchart, the application designer can easily separate
different components of the process.  True or false

14.  Which operator combine two or more relational expressions to evaluate a single value
i. Arithmetic Operator ii. Relational Operator iii. Logical Operator iv. String Operator

15.  …………….. are the location or address where values are kept.

i.         Constants    ii. Keywords       iii. Variable          iv. Character sets

16.  Which QBasic Statement is used to receive input data from the keyboard during the
execution of the program.

i.        CLS           ii. LET             iii. INPUT       iv. READ… DATA

17.  Write the correct output of the given program

FOR I = 5 TO 19 STEP 5



i.        20                   ii. 25       iii. 30      iv. 35


18.  A mathematical function used to convert numeric expression to an integer by rounding the fractional portion or it returns the integer to the given number.

i. INT      ii. FIX     iii. CINT                 iv. ROUND

19.  A string processing function which converts a string expression
consisting of digits into value.

i.         CHR$             ii. ASC   iii. VAL  iv. STR$

20.  A collection of variables of the same data type that are referred to by common
name is called ……………..

i.        Numeric Variable  ii. String variable         iii. An array     iv. Implicit data type

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