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SEE Computer model questions 2076 | computer |Model Question SEE 2076|

SEE model Question – 2076
                 Sub: Computer Science
Grade: Ten                                                                         FM = 50      
Time: 1hr 30mins                                                            PM = 20      
Students are suggested to answer in their words as far as practicable. Credit shall be given to clarity and originality, not rote written.
Attempt all the questions.
       Group ‘A’ [Computer Fundamentals – 22 Marks]

1    Answer the following questions:                        5×2=10
      a.   What is network topology? Write any one advantage of star topology.
      b.   What is Telnet? Why is internet called “Network of networks”?
      c.   List any four-application area of multimedia and explain any one of them.
      d. What is hardware security? List any two hardware threats to computer security.
      e.   Write any four preventive measures of Computer virus.
2    Perform the following computations as directed:       
      a.   Convert as indicated:                                                  2×1=2
            i. (2367)8 = (?)16          ii. (5140)10 = (?)16
      b.   Perform binary calculations for the following:           2×1=2
            i. 110 101+11                        ii. 10001+11010 - 10111
3    Match the following:                                                       4×0.5=2
            Group A                                  Group B
      Topology                           Software security
      Back up                             Programming Language
      C++                                   Cabling structure
      AVG                                 Ecommerce
4    Select the correct answer from the given options:       4×0.5=2
      a.   Which is not an unbounded communication media?
            i. Radio           ii. Optical        iii. Microwave             iv. None
      b.   A computer crime in which a person’s social security number is taken called ___________?
            i. Hacking                      ii. Phishing      iii. Identity theft                        iv. Cyber contraband  

      c.   DNS stands for ____________?
            i. Dual Name System              ii. Domain Name System             iii. Domain Numeric System         iv. Digital Number System
      d.   __________ refers to the condition of a disk in which files are divided into pieces scattered around the disk.
            i. Fragmentation          ii. defragmentation     iii. scandisk          iv. All of above
5    Give the appropriate technical terms of the following:          4×0.5=2
      a.   A device that converts analog signal to digital signal and vice versa.
      b.   The main computer in Internet where web sites and web pages are stored.
      c.   A simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures one after the other.
      d.   A computer virus which takes up residence in computer memory them hard to detect.
6    Write the full forms of the following:                           4×0.5=2
      a. SMTP                b. NTC                        c. EMI             d. UHF
Group 'B' Database (10 marks)
7    Answer the following questions in short:                     3×2=6
      a.   Table is called as primary building block of database. Why?
      b.   List any four data types used in Microsoft Access.
      c.   Define Report and write its purpose.
8.   Select the correct answer:                                              4×0.5=2
      a.   The default size of text field in Access is ___
            i. 50                 ii. 10                iii. 255             iv. 256
      b.   ___ helps for searching fast.
            i. Query           ii. Index          iii. Form          iv. Table
      c.   _____ create new database on the basis of certain condition.
            i. Table                        ii. Form           iii. Query         iv. Primary key
      d.   The default size of number field in Access is ___
            i. 4 bits            ii. 2 bytes        iii. 2 bits          iv. 4 bytes

9.   Match the following groups:                                          4×0.5=2
      Group A                            Group B
      Sorting                              Field property
      Validation rule                  row
      Size                                   Easy to search
      Memo                                limits value
                                                long text
Group 'C' Programming (18 marks)
10  Answer the following questions:
      a.   What do you mean by library functions in QBASIC?           1
      b.   List any two datatype used in C language                  1
      c.   Write down the functions of the following statements:          1
            i. LINE INPUT#                     ii. CLOSE#
11  Write output of the following program:                                   2
      A$ = "43210"
      B$ = "765"
      CALL ANIL(A$,B$,C$)
      PRINT C$
      SUB ANIL(A$,B$,C$)
      C$ = "98"
      C$ = C$ + B$ + A$
      END SUB
12  Re-write the following program after correcting bugs           2
      WRITE  1, N$, A
      CLOSE #1
 13  Study the program given in question no. 11 and answer the following questions                                                    2

      i.    List the local variable used in the program.
      ii.   What will be the output if we do not write fifth line [CALL ANIL(A$,B$,C$)]

14. Write programs in QBASIC for the following:                       3×3=9
      a.   To calculate the area of four wall using FUNCTION ……END FUNCTION. [Hint Area = 2h(l+b)]
      b.   WAP using sub procedure reverse(w$) to input a string and reverse it.
      c.   To display entire data from the "saturday.txt" file.

J Best of Luck J


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